Teachers are learning junkies; in addition we are social bees. Put this together and we form a  system known as  a PLN or personal learning system.  PLN’s can be used in a variety of forms namely social networking where educators share resources, provide support, introduce and debate ideas and celebrate learning.

Beginning teachers and pre- serice teachers, like myself, rely heavy on the support and mentoring of other teachers. Furthermore, we rely on the occasional on the occasional informal training of other teachers that exist within the family, friends and the past experience. Research states that the beginning teacher who is provided with the  mentoring and support that they  need,  is most likely to stay in the profession. I bet that most you are reading these posts right now and thinking to yourselves and ‘thinking to yourselves, these are unrealistic and impossible to implement’   and by yourself, you would be right. In enters the ‘the personal learning network.An educator who has establish a strong network of teachers at various stages of their career can benefit valuable support from their local school and colleges. However a digital support system goes a step future. It provides those beginning teacher and per- servise teacher with that extra support that they need in order to become effective and successful educators Thus creating a village of village of professionals.

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” alt=”


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